Where to get diyBMS v4.90 boards in EU


I am new to this forum. My name is Florian and I live in Austria. I would like to build a HV battery for my Fronius inverter. 45s or so would be great (actually 48s with 3 diyBMS v4.90 boards).

That’s why I’m looking for diyBMS v4.9 boards - but can’t find any. I went to the jlcpcb site and did a quick check. I found out that 5 boards cost 120€ and 20 boards cost 250€ - so the price is halved if you order 20 boards. But I don’t need 20 boards, just 3-4 and maybe one on reserve - means 5 for me.

So maybe someone is interested in a group buy? If I’ve got it right, the cost is ~€15 per board - without having done exaxct maths.

However - if anyone knows a source where i may buy boards I will also be satisfiyed.


Welcome, Florian, to the OEM forum.

I suggest you also post a short message with a link to this topic in the “Community Marketplace” under “Services Wanted”. Please don’t copy your complete message, it is enough to write for example :

Wanted in Austria: 5 diyBMS v4.90 boards - see Where to get diyBMS v4.90 boards in EU

I have promoted you so that you will be able to send a private message to a seller if you want to negotiate a price.

Hello Robert,

thanks for the tip. I will create a post there.