Where is mosquitto_pub?

Hi there.

For years that I’m using mosquitto_pub to send values (commands) to my EmonPi (with a personalized FW on it).
I’m now building a new EmonPi like device and used emonSD-21Jul21.img on it, but the mosquitto_pub command is missing.
I believe that if this command is missing, there should be a replacing one to achieve the same results, but I can’t find it (already made some searches on this forum with not much luck).
Example of a command I use (if I remember correctly, my original system may have been tweaked by me to handle multiple values sent as 8bit value sequence):

mosquitto_pub -h -t emonhub/tx/5/values -m “101,0,33,78”


apt install mosquitto mosquitto-clients

seems to solve the problem.