Where are rechargeable (small) batteries at now?

I have no other place than here or facebook to ask this, so I choose here :slight_smile:

I user to use NiMh AA/AAA cells quite a bit and have an big 8 cell Ansmann(?) fast/pro charger in the loft but I stopped using them when my consumption went down - less flash photography mainly - and I started using disposable Energizer Lithium cells which lasted almost forever in the camera flashes and had a faster recharge time.

Now with more devices (emonTH etc.) and remotes and this and that I think I should revisit the topic but I have not kept up with where battery chemistry and charging systems are at. I was just about keeping up with those new fangled Eneloops when I stopped bothering.

So, where are we for rechargeable small batteries nowadays? What do people recommend?

I looked into this a while back (soon after we launched the emonTH) and wrote this blog post. As far as I believe Eneloops and lithium are as good as you can get.

In my blog post I mentioned rechargeable alkaline, these worked well for a while but tended to leak over time, at least the GoGreen ones that I used. I would not recomend. Update: the IGoGreen batteries how now been discontinued.

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Thanks, I will read that shortly. I note it was October 2013… not much changed in 3+ years? Maybe other’s have a view, but I will start with your post.