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What type of Battery Protection do I need to pair with the DIYBMS

I’m planning out 1200Ah of Winston Thundersky Lithium. This will be connected to:
1200W of solar panels +
80A Shorepower charger or 85A Generator based charger

There will be 4 Winston Batteries ( per “set”, so I think I’ll need one DIYBMS board for each set. Each of these batteries can deliver 130A so any single “set” of batteries can pretty much handle the load and I’ll have 4 of these in parallel.

There is the potential to send 160A continuous => Batteries, and my water Maker can draw almost 100A continuous while it is running (which is my biggest load).

These batteries will be the sole power source while I’m at anchor with only solar power to charge them (unless I run the generator for Making Scuba Air, in which case I make air, water and charge the batteries at the same time).

What kind of Battery Protection do I need to add to the BMS to make this work correctly? I’m assuming I need some kind of Relay that can disconnect currents up to 160A. Is this correct?

I don’t think DIYBMS can handle this kind of current so I think I need to pair it with some relays but not sure how big/how many there need to be.