What is Node 0?

A list of 17 node 0’s has just appeared in my inputs in addition to my node 5’s.
All with values, what is this and where does it come from.

I got a new “Node 0” appearing over night too, the only feed from it was a rssi at -104dB.

I wonder if this may be someone else in the neighbourhood using a EmonTH or something similar that looks enough like a real EmonTH for the EmonPI to receive the broadcast from it and log it as “Node 0”?

How do you avoid this from happening, can you put a ‘site’ code in the broadcast from the remote sensors so you can control which broadcasts you log?

What happens if my neighbour buys a EmonPI and a couple of remote sensors, will we both be able to see all of the sensors and will their broadcasts overlap?

When I see them I just delete each one. As to where they come from I have no idea but deleting does not effect my setup.

I have not only Node 0, but also Node 2, Node 4 and Node 16, most of which seem to be “N/A”. Slightly wondering what all this is…

Node 0 is generated when data is received but no Node ID is attached to it.

The others might possibly be interference that by chance happened to satisfy the checksum and thus was interpreted as valid data.