What image do I need?

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Hi everyone,

I am trying to make a project about house monitoring using EmonBase, but I am not sure what is the appropiate Image i should install in my raspberry.
This is the hardware i want to connect:

Raspberry Pi 3 B + RFM12Pi v2.6
EmonTx V3
EmonTh v1.4

My frequency is 868 MHz.
I am not sure if I should install emonSD-26Oct17 or emonSD-17-06-15.img

Please, could anyone help?

You should always download the latest image. This is

Then follow the instructions here:

Be sure to read this and allow the update to happen:
Important: on the first ever boot of a fresh emonSD the system will run some automatic updates to update Emoncms and emonPi firmware, it’s very important that this process is not interrupted…

You will need to change the configuration for 868 MHz. In emonhub.conf, in the [[RFM2Pi]] section, change frequency = 433 to frequency = 868.