What happened here. Can't Connect to database

Please see attached, it seems something is still running on the Pi… Unit is running head less, guess I need to get a screen and keyboard to it and see if there is more visible on it directly.
Anyone know this error, whats the likely problem/fix.

This is a RPi3B + image deployed onto it.


so did some more digging,
it seems /home/pi/data is 100% full, and I assume that is where the “database” is located.

Any chance anyone can direct me from which tables I can delete data older than 2 yrs.

Will be looking at getting a larger SD card, but for now happy to loose 24+ months data.


cloned SD onto larger card, did a SDexpand.

ps: is there a process/setting that can be set that then manages the age of the data retained, aka configure that data older than 24months is automatically dropped.