Wh per charge

Been using my OpenEVSE with wifi for a week or so and it’s working great, loving the PV divert feature.
I am looking to generate kind of a receipt of each charge, I have it logging to an emonpi and there is a wh input from the EVSE that resets each connection but I can’t work out what units it is. I assumeing whs x 100? but it’s not matching what is on the web interface.

Does anyone have any info on what it is?


I think the units should be watt hours, @glyn.hudson can you confirm?

Hi again.

I think I have worked it out. The value being transmitted to emonpi would appear to be watt second not watt hours, this look to be a problem in the software (line 96 of input.cpp wifi 2.x).

Dividing be 3600 fixes it for now. Now to see if I can set up the email bit.