Wemos R3

for those who might be interested here an image of my recently acquired Wemos R3 ( mega & esp board ) price point is not terrible a ~ $15… voltage range 7 - 16 volts / has a builtin and connector for external antenna . communicates to tx/rx0 or tx/rx3 … looks like it will be great board for all those tandem esp - arduino projects

my first project will be another the emontx shield that transmit it data via wifi to REMOTE TFT interface & openwrt router for data storage

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well it works beautifully with my emontx shield firmware and my esp com port reader firmware. did not have to modify anything . simply uploaded the corresponding sketches for the mega/uno and esp and every thing worked . instantly transmitting data to MQTT server

the only thing was the learning curve to program it , as it is in Russian but other then that not much info out there on the wemos R3 but all I can say is that they work great and so simple once you understand how it works

but here a table for the dipswitch setting for programming ( google translated) for others