Weird situation with flashing ESP32 diybms

Hi guys,
I have flashed some ESP32 modules so far. When I wanted to switch from ESP8266 to ESP32 controller on my lifepo pack, i am facing problems.
I have killed 7 controller boards so far during flashing procedure. I am using NodeMCUFlasher, flashing process starts, runs through properly and terminates as expected. Non of the modules are visible as an access point afterwards. Some of the modules get very hot and red light is burning constantly, some of them are not flashable anymore…

I have used several versions and also latest firmware from June 24, 2022. I have exchanged usb cables as well.

Does someone have an idea what can be the cause for the problem…?

There is no access point mode on the ESP32. Plug the DevKit board into your PC and use a terminal program to connect to the serial console, it will guide you through the WiFi configuration process.

oh, many thanks for the hint. this approach is very new to me!