Web Tool to configure EmonTX4

@TrystanLea @glyn.hudson Is this web tool new?


I like it, but can you include other settings as well?

Is there an intention to include this with an EmonCMS install?

Yes this is very much a first version.

Yes it’s there in the latest emoncms release :slight_smile: and I will add that to that documentation page.

Ok great. I’m only running the latest on the EmonPi.

Can the other options be added as well?

I was wondering how I could incorporate this into the ESPHome component. At some point we could have a chat about how this works. I cannot see how to put it into the configuration mode. Can that be done once it is up and running (i.e. does it always listen for that)?

It’s always listening, you can configure at any point. There’s a bit more message validation now such as ensuring that the message/command length is correct. E.g: w0 turns RFM69 radio off, the length of that command is checked to only be two characters long: w0x5d will not be valid.

An ESP printing loads of ??? at the emonTx4 at startup should not be interpreted as a command to print back the help page, that needs to be specifically a single ? followed by a newline ‘\n’ and ? needs to be character 0 in the message…

What is the trigger? +++ still or does it just listen for a valid command?

Is it one line per command? ending in \n only? So setting 6 CTs is 6 lines? Does it need a pause?

It just listens to valid commands.




Im not 100% on that, I’ve only sent messages one at a time with a fair bit of delay naturally out of the way the configuration interface works, Im pretty sure you can send them all quite quickly though.

Each command is followed by a reply so it’s worth reading that before sending the next one.

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Just compiled and loaded the new firmware, and the commands are not being responded to from the IDE serial monitor.

Oh another thing for setup is changing the line ending in the Serial Monitor (another thing that caught me out).

is it working now with the single ‘\n’ ending?

No. (5 char limit)

I assume you are seeing data being printed on the serial at startup? and have the latest firmware version?

99% sure. Updated the GitHub pulls and my fork. It looks right in the editor (JSON version).

It doesn’t actually print the ino version, just the CM Lib version. Perhaps that is something to add :slight_smile:

Oh, there it is. Strange - a timing issue perhaps.

I hadn’t rebooted it after the load, I then did so perhaps that was the issue.

Nope - seems fine after a new load. Odd.

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Great, let me know if you spot similar, what command did you try out of interest?

Just ? and then l.

I need to set the JSON active :rofl: :rofl: :rofl: :rofl:

which worked :slight_smile:

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Looking at the command line configuration of CTs, is there a table somewhere for the configuration values for the CTs you supply?

@TrystanLea A bit more feedback (sorry) - it is really good!

On internet version;

  • Not clear how to disconnect (I refreshed the page). Perhaps a disconnect button that simply refreshes the page.
  • I connected the web view too quickly from boot and the serial didn’t work.

On Emoncms version, not sure why the WiFi settings are there.

On both,

  • I don’t like things that update when you change a dropdown value. There should be a positive button that is the user saying “Yes I want to use this value”.
  • I also think the current settings could be pulled off the TX into a static view.
  • The scrolling box could do with being larger / adjustable.
  • A note or button to save settings to EEPROM (I keep forgetting :angry:)
  • Stop the scrolling (so you can copy text/read the help)
  • An explanation of the existing CT values - which value CT do they refer to (a table of config values perhaps).
  • Just one line for the CTs, with a dropdown for the CT number to select, the CT Value (if known) or boxes for the config values then a button to commit the change.
  • The help text available :slight_smile: or an instruction to use ? to get it.

It is really great :smile_cat:

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Thanks @borpin will get back to you properly about this soon

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