Weather Compensation FTC5

I am trying to set “Weather Compensation”, but settings do not match those on YouTube demos. Upper temperature change not available and lower tremperature change always returns to -30C. See photo.
What am I missing/ getting wrong here?

Have you long pressed the menu key?

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From the Main Screen, I long press Menu and get ‘DHW’; ‘Home’; ‘Timer’; ‘Holiday’; ‘Initial’; and ‘Service’
I select ‘Home’ and get photo 1 and I select: ‘Compensation’ (Note that whichever I select the Compensation panel appears on the RHS)
As I previously commented, I then have no practical adjustment as photo 2 and Compensation curve reverts to -30C no matter what I do.
Further long or short press of Menu button takes me back to Main Menu

Any comments much appreciated

Photo #1 looks like the display you get when you short-press the menu button. The 4th button is the one to edit the curve, yet the pencil symbol is missing. Does it do anything when you press it?


PS: from the manual…

The arrows at the bottom will change from white-on-black to black-on-white

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Thank you very much Timbones. You were correct and although “my” long press brought up the second menu it was obviously not long enough to bring up the weather compensation adjustment on the subsequent screen.
Now on the ‘Compensation Curve’ icon I have the ability to view AND to adjust.

It is a moderately large house with just the two of us rattling around in it, so am going to try a minimum of -2C ambient and a max flow temp of 50C for out here in the Algarve, but will take advice. I would like to keep the Tado radiator controls if possible.
Thanks again!

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I don’t know the FTC 5, and maybe I misunderstand your question, but to me your photo is saying that at ambient = -15degC or below your target flow temp will be 50degC, at ambient temp = +35degc or above your target flow temp will be 25degC, and between -15 and +35degC your controller will interpolate these target flow temps. So your lower limit is actually -15degC not -30degC.

Hello Sarah and thanks for your contribution.
I wasn’t particularly referring to a temperature of -30C, but just to the numerals to the right hand end of the graph. As I said later, my lowest temperature out here in the Algarve is not likely to reach -5C, so I am going to start with a lowest setting of -2C. I was operating on Target Flow last year at 50C and this coped well even with timed periods off and on. I am looking to have a more continuous running, but will probably start with a max flow temp of 50C. I would be most grateful if you have experience which might suggest starting from a different point.

Depending on the heat loss of the property, size of the heat pump and output from emitters (radiators or underfloor) you might be able to get away with a lower flow when it’s cold, say 45C.

Conversely, you may find the heat pump cycling more often with low flow temperatures in mild weather as the radiators struggle to shed the heat being produced by the heat pump. Increasing the minimum flow temperature can help with this, as well as keeping all the radiator valves as open as possible.

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Do you have Melcloud? Do you want to see stats from your heat pump in a better format?
Send me a message and I’ll explain how I can help get your data out…

Hi Tim, Sorry I am involved in clearing a house for a friend who has moved back to UK.
Very interested in what you have to say and yes, I have been using Melcloud although I am unsure of overlap on FTC5 settings. At the moment, I can’t see how to do private message from this Forum.

Click your Icon top right, click the envelope symbol (4th down) and again, and you’ll see an envelope in a blue box with the words “New Message”. Click that box.

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Hi David,

Your post suggests you wanted to reply to forum user Timbones.
If that’s indeed the case, then clicking on Tim’s avatar will bring up a dialog box
with the blue “message” button in it. Clicking that button will bring up the editor
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Hello David, I’ve just seen your response to my post. As Timbones says, minimising the target ASHP exit temp (consistent with room comfort) is the single most important factor in keeping down running costs. Here in central southern England, I run my (Samsung) weather compensator at 40degC exit temp for summer (20degC ambient) rising to 45degC exit temp for winter (-2degC ambient). This has worked well so far, but I may have to tweak up the winter setting (the next few months will tell…).

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While having low flow is best for costs, this does depend on having enough radiator surface to emit the heat being produced, otherwise the system will be cycling with lower performance.

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Sorry to show my ignorance again on Weather Compensation.

If I enter the weather compensation 1st screen there are two options with the LHS being presumably for “View” and the RHS for “Edit”

However if you select “View” there is a provision for adjustment of the lower temperature with horizontal arrows.

What is the purpose of this adjustment?

The settings bear no resemblance to those achieved by adjusting the High and Low settings from the “Edit” screen

View does not change any settings, but simply lets you slide along horizontally to see what the flow temperature will be at a given outdoor temperature.

In your first photo, a flow of 48 C when it’s 2 C outdoors.

Thank you Tim