Water temperature sensing

Is it possible to use the external DS18B20 temperature sensor in water? I want to monitor the temperature of a fish tank in the garage.

Hi Barry,

If you use one that has the proper cable and encapsulation,
you shouldn’t have any problems using it in water.

Encapsulation example:

From the page at the link above:
DS18B20 digital temperature sensor encapsulated in a waterproof housing for external temperature sensing using the emonTx or Arduino.

You need to ensure the water can’t get into the cable at the sensor end
and that the cable jacket is up to the task. i.e. the jacket can handle being
submerged, as well as its overall integrity.

At a slight tangent to this subject a friend was looking for “food grade” shrink wrap for his temp sensors that are intended to monitor small batch chocolate production - anyone got any reliable sources and/or a food-grade pre-packaged temp sensor?