Wanted: INA228 for diyBMS Current Shunt

Would like to buy 2 to 4 pieces INA228 for the diyBMS Current Shunt. If anyone has some they want to sell message me.
I am located in Sweden, Gothenburg.



I got 5 pieces from this store 5PCS INA226AIDGSR INA226AQDGSRQ1 INA226 Silk screen 226Q 226 MSOP8 INA228AIDGSR INA228AQDGSRQ1 INA228 Silk screen 228I 228Q| | - AliExpress, its quite expensive though but it works

yeah agree, I saw them but I thought it was too expensive. I will go with the temporary solution that Stuart showed with the PZEM-017 until the prices have become normal again :stuck_out_tongue: