W10 1st time install errors

After haveing a brief read here I gather there is not a lot of support for windows, however its what I have so I have to go with it for now.
Issues as far as I am aware everything is installed when I go to “localhost/emoncms” you are supposed to see “Hello”
I get following 2 errors:

“Undefined index: datadir in C:\wamp64\www\emoncms\process_settings.php on line80”

“Trying to access array offset on value of type null in C:\wamp64\www\emoncms\process_settings.php on line82”

Any pointers in the right direction will be helpfull

That’s correct, and especially true for hosting emonCMS. Is there a good reason why you don’t want to install it on a Raspberry Pi? - that’s almost guaranteed to work ‘out of the box’. I wrote the original WAMP guide, but I gave up trying to use Windows when Windows 8 appeared, and I’ve stayed with LInux (specifically Ubuntu LTS) ever since. I’m afraid I can offer very little help now, except that I’d look first for a files permissions problem. It looks as if it’s trying to merge “default-settings.ini” and “settings.ini”, so that’s where to start looking.

If I say that to investigate this, I’d need to set up a WAMP stack inside Windows running in a Virtual Machine inside Linux, and then install emonCMS; you’ll understand why my head hurts. :exploding_head:

I think you deserve congratulations for getting this far.

Thanks @Robert.Wall another option @Layzeesod is to install docker on windows and then install the emoncms docker image. I was part way through testing this the other day, the docker desktop UI is really nice and it looks fairly straightforward…

I’d also add that the cost in just electricity of leaving your Windows PC powered up 24/7 (if you do get EmonCMS running on Windows) will pay for a Raspberry Pi within a few months. And you may end up running it for years, like many of us old timers.

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Agree 100% if the computer is a desktop machine.

But, if a laptop or notebook computer is used, the power draw can be quite small.
I use an HP notebook that draws (at the wall socket) about 6 to 8 Watts depending on whether
or not it’s wrting to its hard disk. Not much more than what a Raspberry Pi uses, and as @borpin
has mentioned, has the benefit of a built in UPS.

Toss in a large storage device, lots of RAM, more CPU “horsepower,” (compared to a Pi 2 or 3)
built-in keyboard/monitor and it makes a pretty nice package.

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Yes I have an old Laptop with PVE installed and Emoncms in an LXE container - works great. I don’t use emonhub or an RFM input (done by other means from the EmonTX). Installed using the script.

Added advantage of PVE is daily backups and snapshots before updating :grinning:

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