Volt and amp monitor 60VDC/50A - ESP32

I found several projects about doing this on lover voltage, but is there a breakout board with INA229-Q1 or something that can handle more voltage then the ina219 that I seen used on every breakout board used on typical boat and similar projects?

I’m usually using TK15 Coulomb Counter Meter with shunt when doing my project but I always wanted to get this part also integrated in with the rest on the esp32

Want to do both use and charge, watt, and so on

Welcome, Tormod, to the OEM forum.

The INA219 is not isolated from the supply it is measuring, so I assume isolation (at the input) is not necessary. In this case, is it possible to use a 50 A Hall effect device on the high side, and use a simple voltage divider to an analogue input on your ESP32 to measure the voltage, and do the power and charge calculations yourself in the ESP32?

I found this 50 A bi-directional sensor: 50A Hall-Effect Bi-directional Current Sensor

Wow, this looks like just what I need! Amazing, I’ve been looking all over for something. I have no idea where to go from here, but this was the first important step!

I haven’t been looking at hall sensors, didn’t even think of that. Been stuck on shunt.

Thank you sir!

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