Visualisations Not Showing Any Data (but the graphs work)

Hi All,

I am pulling my hair out at this point - any help would be greatly appreciated. Here is the setup:

I have installed emoncms on a shared linux web host (Godaddy). The emoncms version I have installed is 9.8.8, and MYSQL version is 5.6.39. Everything works great, except for the visualisations. When I set up the realtime, bargraph, or whatever vis I am wanting to use and then hit view - all I get to the right is an empty graph (see screenshot). If I select the histograph, that one actually does work. Also, I can go to the graphs module and everything works in there. I would really like to get the visualisations to appear though so that I can use the widgets associated with them on a dashboard. I have looked through the paths and code and don’t see anything incorrect, but any help that I can get in troubleshooting this is welcome.

Hello Josh, you may get some clues as to what the error might be if you look in your browsers developer console. Any javascript errors should show up there and if you click on the network tab you can check the response for any api requests made in the background, check for any errors in the response.