Virtual feeds setup limitations

Hi all,

I have a power feed that contains negative values when electricity is being injected to the grid (PC system), and positive values when it’s being drawn.

I would like to compute injected kWh per hour from that feed. I can do that from the input (reset to zero if > 0, * -1, Power to kWh), why can’t I do the same when setting up a virtual feed?

Is there a fundamental reason why the same processing steps we have for inputs are not available for virtual feeds?


Something to do with CPU overhead perhaps.
Graphs are slow to load with VFs.
More flexible VF tools in emonCMS would be useful.

I would like something akin to a input processor tree, in contrast to a linear row of processors. I don’t know if VFs can be blended seamlessly with other feed types at that point… that thought comes to mind only now.