Virtual feeds and stacking in multigraph

New boy here so please be gentle :slight_smile:

I ordered my kit (emonPi and emonTx + bits) on Monday, it arrived Tuesday, had it running Tuesday evening and as of now (Thursday) my wife’s about ready to kill me cos I’m spending too much time playing with it. Very grateful to @Robert.Wall for his help, this kit does everything I want and is great fun to play with :slight_smile:

Anyway, couple of queries. The first couple relate to the difference between the code on and on my local emonPi. Differences I’ve noted are that I can’t stack feeds in multigraph on while I can on my local setup, also there are no virtual feeds on The stacked feeds are nice as I have 18 panels facing east on one inverter and 15 facing west on another and I like being able to see the relative contributions. I haven’t fiddled about with virtual feeds but the inputs I presently have are getting a bit cluttered as I try to develop multiple feeds off each one and I presumed that was a way of dealing with that. Are these functions that are likely to appear on

Here are my efforts so far:

Another query is about the My Solar app - I installed the app on my android phone and all it will show me is My Electric and I can’t see a way of changing that. Is the My Solar page/code editable and is there a guide anywhere? I’m completely amateur but don’t mind fiddling with html/php and I’m familiar with linux.

I’m also struggling to work out how to calculate what percentage of my solar I’m using (versus exporting). And how to work out running totals for kWh per day. Both of these are displayed in My Solar but I’d like to be able to create feeds for them.

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