Virtual Feed question - How to ignore data below a threshold

There’s probably a simple answer I am missing -but I’ve searched the forums and Guides etc pretty thoroughly.
Some kind of an IF statement…
I want temp values of < X (a number) to be ignored in my virtualFeed; and not passed to the later rules (which do KWh and other cool rules).

I can see the option of ‘Min by input’ - by that merely sets the value to the MIn and passes to the next rule.
I want it to discard the result. and not pass to the next rule.

I can’t use ‘Reset to Zero’ -because for cases where the temp is > 4… then it set to zero.

For my thread: “Calculate Gas Boiler % flame - nearly accurate - from temperatures only”
When the (gas) boiler Flow/Return differential is less than X, then it means the boiler flame is off.
When ever > X, then the boiler is ON, and modulating the delta between eg 4-20 with flame/gas volume.

Local emoncms or

Because the local (RPi) emoncms is different to and has a reasonable selection of conditional processes, which doesn’t yet have.


I have no local graphs or dashboards.

But if it can be done on Local and then pushed to - that could work too, maybe?

Im afraid I dont think this is possible on at the moment. The if> etc rules are available though on the emonPi/base version.

It’s also not easy to push data processed locally to at the moment. Other than using the sync module with a cron job to do say an hourly upload… I do want to make the use of the sync module to upload locally processed feeds easier, it’s on my list.

HI Trystan - thanks for that quick response.

For the IF rules on emonPi - is there a page anywhere you can link to? I searched fairly hard, and didn’t see anything.

I’ll also check out the sync option - and page you recommend?

I already found this info on GitHub

How about an emonhub interfacer to do the work?

It doesnt really fit an emonhub interfacer I dont think as emonhub has by this point handed the data to emoncms. Emoncms does it’s input processing and writing to feeds, handing the result back to emonhub I think would be over complicating things?

There is a little helper text for these input processes in emoncms itself, e.g:

For the sync module:

  1. Setup your local input processes and feeds as you would like them (make sure to record using PHPFina at an interval of 10s or slower).

  2. Navigate to Setup > Sync, enter your account details and then upload the specific feeds that you would like to have uploaded to, this is a one time operation, it wont keep updating.

  3. To automate regular uploads of this data, SSH into your Pi and create a crontab entry:

    $ crontab -e

Add the following entry for an hourly upload:

2 * * * * /opt/emoncms/modules/sync/sync_upload.php > /dev/null

that will upload the data 2 minutes past the hour, every hour.

many thanks

Just a thought :slight_smile:

The question is whether it is a ‘sync’ of a feed, or an alternative feed (i.e. sent from the input processing to ‘the cloud’).