Victron ( vedirect ) ESP8266

Hello everyone, I found this project from git

I would like to know if someone can fork that project to integrate it with
I don’t have the skills.

What is it you are trying to achieve? There is an existing integration for emonhub / vedirect which would enable you to connect an emonPi to victron products which support vedirect. See:

I assume you want to extract data from your vedirect product and push this to your account?

Yes, im using right now with vedirect usb and a raspberry pi2, but i wanna try get all informations from esp8266 wirelessly. Thats why i asked for help, cause that Victron.Arduino-ESP8266 extract the data, but doesn’t send to nowhere.

No one?? maybe helping me config MQTT post??

You should note that (the hosted emoncms website) doesn’t accept MQTT inputs, you can only use HTTP API requests with, if you are running your own emoncms instance (eg emonPi/emonBase/emonSD) then you could aim to use MQTT.

Sorry I can’t offer any assistance with esp8266 or vedirect.

Yeap, i know. I’m running local emoncms.
So, im trying learn something about programming in arduino.

Perhaps you would be interested by this sketch for an Arduino Mega + Ethernet/SD shield + DS1307 real time clock and a shield like the emontx, with 2 CT sensors, 1 ds18b20, 1 gaz sensor MQ-8 and 3 Victron devices .
You can readapt it for ESP8266.

I used in the code of Physee the function blocks that retrieve and parse data, one block per Victron device. Which also makes 3 sets of data arrays and therefore a lot of RAM used. I think the 3 blocks can be reduced to only one for the 3 devices.
It works for at least 2 victron devices. With 3 devices, the code takes 93% RAM and HTTP GET requests read from the SD card are truncated.
The data are sent to my local Emoncms server in input/bulk format.