Victron ( vedirect ) ESP8266

(Mauricio Lima) #1

Hello everyone, I found this project from git

I would like to know if someone can fork that project to integrate it with
I don’t have the skills.

(Ben Aylott) #2

What is it you are trying to achieve? There is an existing integration for emonhub / vedirect which would enable you to connect an emonPi to victron products which support vedirect. See:

(Ben Aylott) #3

I assume you want to extract data from your vedirect product and push this to your account?

(Mauricio Lima) #4

Yes, im using right now with vedirect usb and a raspberry pi2, but i wanna try get all informations from esp8266 wirelessly. Thats why i asked for help, cause that Victron.Arduino-ESP8266 extract the data, but doesn’t send to nowhere.

(Mauricio Lima) #5

No one?? maybe helping me config MQTT post??

(Paul) #6

You should note that (the hosted emoncms website) doesn’t accept MQTT inputs, you can only use HTTP API requests with, if you are running your own emoncms instance (eg emonPi/emonBase/emonSD) then you could aim to use MQTT.

Sorry I can’t offer any assistance with esp8266 or vedirect.

(Mauricio Lima) #7

Yeap, i know. I’m running local emoncms.
So, im trying learn something about programming in arduino.

(morel) #8

Perhaps you would be interested by this sketch for an Arduino Mega + Ethernet/SD shield + DS1307 real time clock and a shield like the emontx, with 2 CT sensors, 1 ds18b20, 1 gaz sensor MQ-8 and 3 Victron devices .
You can readapt it for ESP8266.

I used in the code of Physee the function blocks that retrieve and parse data, one block per Victron device. Which also makes 3 sets of data arrays and therefore a lot of RAM used. I think the 3 blocks can be reduced to only one for the 3 devices.
It works for at least 2 victron devices. With 3 devices, the code takes 93% RAM and HTTP GET requests read from the SD card are truncated.
The data are sent to my local Emoncms server in input/bulk format.