Victron multiplus to increase self consumption - is it OEM compatible?

Hi All

Sorry, I’m pretty new to this. I’m about to order a Victron Multiplus to increase my self consumption of solar produced energy.

It requires an ET112 sensor to detect the excess.

I’m wondering if this can be replaced with openenergy monitor as already have one of these.



The short answer is probably not, because the ET112 appears to have only Zigbee and RS485 outputs, and those probably use a proprietary data format and possibly encryption.

If you know the data format & protocol that your Multiplus requires, then it might (probably would) be possible to do something using your OEM kit and the RS485 physical connection.

It could be worth asking, but I wouldn’t pin too much hope on getting an answer.

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thanks was thinking the same tbh but worth the ask

by the time Ive bought the canbus adaptor for pi I many as well have bought the ET112 anyway