Victron multiplus and BMV-700, Bluesolar MPPT

I’m trying to configure emonpi with emontx to my off-grid solar system. Idea is to measure all production and loads. I have 1kW panels connected to BlueSolar MPPT 150/35 charge controller which charge 48VDC battery system. There is Victron Battery monitor BMV-700 between production/load and battery. Multiplus 5kVA inverter charger is feeding 230VAC to 4 consumption groups (Fridge , lights, socket, others)

I have understand that VE Direct protocol is supported in openenergymonitor. Just need for enable? If someone can link some instructions how to do this. And how to add values to feeds?

Is’t possible add two USB adapters to emonPi? One for charge controller and one for battery monitor.

How about Multiplus VE.BUS protocol? Inverter output will be equipped with current sensor, so i’m able to see total load from there. Actually i’m looking possibility to control inverter on/off. I would like to connect electric heater to which is used in winter time when there is no other load and enough production/ capacity on batteries. Inside of summer cottage there is big fireplace which is optimal place to heater.

Have you searched for “Victron”? I see it mentioned 7 times, have you looked at all of those?

Yes i have searched Victron and found messages… Current setup is two USB VE.Direct adapters. One for BMV and one for MPPT.

Now i have issue and i dont’t know how to fix.
After boot

after some time message “Main thread - BMV thread is dead” is comming to log.

BMV settings


Please give me some help how to set up BMV and MPPT in proper way.

This is what it looks like.

After that picture i have added DC supply to Emonpi. So that i can run system without inverter.

Log file

And then…