(Very) Beginner MBUS wiring question

I suspect this is a very elementary question but here goes.

I have 4 heat meters (Sharky 775s) each with a MBUS module. I also have a single MBUS USB Converter

I want to be able to access data from each Heat Meter spearately.

Im looking to wire these up. Each Monitor has a 2 ‘pin’ connector on the MBUS module (not labelled) and the MBUS/USB has 4 ‘pins’ (2 M+ and 2 M-).

I think the right way to do this is wire from
Heat Meter A pin 1 to Heat Meter B pin 1
Heat Meter B Pin 1 to Heat Meter C Pin 1
Heat Meter C Pin 1 to Heat Meter D Pin 1
Heat Meter D Pin 1 to USB Converter Pin M+?

and similalry from Pin 2s to M-…

Is this correct or have I totally misunderstood