Verifying the results of an energy monitor

Hi everyone, as you can see from the images I am currently developing an energy monitoring system with an esp32 from this article. I have assembled all of the things but I am still sceptical about the results of it. Q1 How do I verify that the current flowing through my extension board(which provides power to my PC,wifi router and mobile charger) is the same showing in my IDE terminal. Q2 (optional) Since I am only two months into DIY electronics I am still a bit scared to confirm my assumptions on schematic diagrams so if you could explain the diagram too it would be awesome. Thanks.

Hello @Electricnoob the circuit looks fine. Do you have the same YHDC SCT-013-030 CT sensor with the 1V voltage output?

Hi thanks a bunch for the reply. No. I have the one which says 100A Sct-013-000. I am assuming that it is 100 ampere. But I Do not know the output voltage.

Hello @Electricnoob ah ok that would explain why your readings are so high, you will need what is called a burden resistor with that one as it’s a current output CT sensor not a voltage output one. You might find our guide here on selecting an appropriate burden resistor useful:

Again thanks a lot @TrystanLea!!!
Q1 :-Since I have an esp32 which has an AREF of 3.3v the burden resistor should be of 22 ohms right ? Q2:-Also since I am connecting the burden resistor to the output of my CT sensor, do I need the capacitor anymore.
Q3:- Also, what are the other changes I need to make to the schematic diagram after adding another burden resistor.
Sorry for so many questions but I am a bit curious about it. Cheers!!!