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Ventilation and case idea for rPi, laser cut wood

I enjoy this kind of thing a lot.


The idea is an open-sided and well-ventilated case, with heatsinks and fan.


Is that your own laser cutter? If so what make and model? I have been playing with lower power lasers but would like to cut ply.


Unfortunately not. I have access to this fablab in Bangor, North Wales.
There are 3 laser cutters here with a range of powers. The big one cuts 6mm ply in a single pass, impressive to watch.

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The rates for using the machines are highish out-of-hours. £30ph. Not bad though.
Free on Fridays, but it’s super competative. We’ve paid for dedicated time 3D printing there, and I did this on the side.
Here’s the dxf file for the thing. Took about 6 iterations in cardboard to get it really neat. (10.6 KB)

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