Vaillant Heatpumps

In the process of obtaining a quote for an ASHP and the company were mentioning a large Vaillant as being suitable for my needs.

Given I monitor pretty much everything else in my house with kit supplied from here, any positive experiences with this particular make?

I’ve seen plenty of posts about Ecodan but not much about Vaillant that is off the shelf and integrates with MQTT etc. without some non-trivial knowledge about electronics.

Well I replaced one of their gas boilers after less than 9 years so personally I wouldn’t touch anything the company makes.

I’ve not got one, but what I have gathered is to specify local data collection - don’t assume it will do that.

Get fitted the ability to measure the power consumption, flow rates, temperatures (get ‘pockets’ fitted to pipes) and any heat meter fitted has the ability to get data locally. I also feel that the data coming out of these HPs is a little suspect (why would they not tweak the outputs to suit) so as and when I get one fitted, I’d have independent measurement fitted as well.

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It would be great to see more monitoring data on a vaillant - though in general the performance of a system is more to do with the whole system design than the manufacturer of the heat pump… e.g some have had bad experiences with ecodan systems but I cant be happier with mine, getting a SCOP consistently of 3.9-4.0 over the last 3 years - but that’s more to do with the system again…


There’s some info on Vaillant monitoring via eBUS on this thread: