Vaillant heating and cooling zone

I installed the resistor, activated active cooling in the hydraulic station and also in the VCR700 controller. Cooling is now also shown in the Vaillant app. I have it running on manual cooling mode with a lower flow temp limit of 18 °C and with fans under my radiators I am getting a modest but definitely very helpful effect. I am waiting for real hot weather to fully test it, but if I can shave off 2°C in the bedroom at the hottest days I’ll be very happy.

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See any “weather compensation” type behaviour with cooling, or just fixed flow temp and on/off “expanded” style? With me the on/off doesn’t work as my UFH is far to slow, so I need to control externally based on slab temp.

There does not seen to be any compensation so far. Desired flow temperature (as read through ebus) seems to be fixed at the minimum allowed flow temperature for cooling as set on the controller (18°C for me). I’m not expecting any kind of control beyond on/off anyways - with my simple radiator+ fan setup I just want 25°C instead of 28°C inside on the hottest days so I’m triggering the cooling manually. As expected, there’s quite a bit of cycling as the emitters cannot cool very efficiently. My 100 l buffer helps here quite a bit.

Sorry not the right post to be asking, but can i ask how you get your OEM dashboard to show COPs when running, space heating, and water heating?

I did try searching the forum but not sure what key words to search for…

Thanks in advance!

You need feeds that indicate when space heating and DHW are active. Either should be 0 when space heating/DHW heating is off and 1 to indicate they are on. You can then add these feeds to the My Heatpump App. I generate the inputs for these feeds using Node Red from ebus data of the three-way-valve and heat pump activity (electrical power draw).