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V4 controller keeps resetting!

Hi. My controller keeps resetting from time to time -+ 15min. I have change the power from battery dcdc buck to ac 5v phone charger but still resetting and I also reflashed the d1 mini. Any ideas?

The sources of the problem is if and only I enable influx database. Mqtt works fine.

Did you also setup an influxdb server correcrly?
I have and when the controller can write to a bucket, mine resets after around 2 days, but i think thats case by mu esp32 itself, but when i turn of the influxdb server the controller starts restarting inmedeately…

I’m getting problems with influx on my rpi3, influx don’t run any more… Reinstaling it dont solved. Any ideas?

The diybms controller is now writing to influxdb 2.x protocol. There seem to be workaraounds to still write to influxdb version 1.8 minimum. I have not tried that. Instead i installed influxdb 2 on one of my windows servers. It can be done on a rpi too but I think it required a 64bit version.

OK, thanks. I don’t won’t to have my PC always on to many power consumption. Is there any optional that stores data for pi3 from mosquitto/node red/optional/grafana or other type of setup?

Not sure,
This was the most helpfull link

Thanks again. Must find a solution…

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