(V10.0.2) Dashboard selection in side bar not working when logged out

When logged in dashboard selection works fine. When logged out I get a fault:

406 Not Acceptable

URI not acceptable. UserNameid18 cannot respond to “” .

(where UserName is the user name…)

Dash board is set to public.

The new link looks like this: myhost.com/emoncms/UserName%2526id%253D18

If I manually type the url using the old scheme ie. myhost.com/emoncms/UserName&id=18
it still works fine.

This is possibly and edge case as I can’t see any other topics on it.


Where do you find that new link?

I prefer just using the read API key rather than making dashboard fully public, more secure this way e.g


I just copied it out of the address bar, same result when I right click on the dashboard link in the side panel.

I agree completely about the security, but I find it useful for general public viewing. A work around which I just tried is to have a hard link on the dashboard itself.

Ahh, I’ve found the problem.

I found that some links to dashboards were working and some weren’t. The links that did work used: myhost.com/emoncms/UserName/DashboardAliasName

The links that didn’t work had that other string of mumbo jumbo shown above.

I logged into the account and sure enough some of the dashboards didn’t have alias names. Once giving them names it worked.

Summary: Old version seemed to use Dashboard ID numbers for link. New version uses Alias names for link. So you must have an alias name now.


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