V1.1.0 App module stable release: New Time-of-use app

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(Glyn Hudson) #1

Emoncms app module V1.1.0 has been released to stable branch, includes new ‘time-of-use’ app, perfect for economy 7 night-time tariffs. Update available to all emonPi/emonBase via one-button update

Big thanks to @Greebo :+1:

Original development thread:

(Westerner) #2

Yes, many thanks to all, especially @Greebo for this. Very neat.

(Glyn Hudson) #3

V1.1.0 app module changes are now live on

(Nuno Araujo) #4


Its is possible to customize the peak and off peak period for each day?

example, in Portugal the sunday its a offpeak period. (0-24h)


My Electric Time Of Use App For Economy 10
(Glyn Hudson) #5

Yes it is possible to customise

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(Nuno Araujo) #6

where? I only have this options to indicate the offpeak period

Economy 7 start
Economy 7 stop:


(Glyn Hudson) #7

Ah sorry, It’s only possible to set the time of off-peak for a particular 24hr period e.g. Economy 7 start is the start time off off-peak and economy 7 end it the end time of off-peak:

It’s not possible yet to set particular days as off-peak.

(Jai) #8

Just to clarify the start and end time hour format. If entering “7” for 7am, what would you need to enter for 7pm “-5” ie -5 hours from 12am (0)?

(Greebo) #9

The hours are all in 24 hour format. 7pm = “19”