V1.1.0 App module stable release: New Time-of-use app

Emoncms app module V1.1.0 has been released to stable branch, includes new ‘time-of-use’ app, perfect for economy 7 night-time tariffs. Update available to all emonPi/emonBase via one-button update

Big thanks to @Greebo :+1:

Original development thread:


Yes, many thanks to all, especially @Greebo for this. Very neat.

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V1.1.0 app module changes are now live on https://emoncms.org


Its is possible to customize the peak and off peak period for each day?

example, in Portugal the sunday its a offpeak period. (0-24h)


Yes it is possible to customise

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where? I only have this options to indicate the offpeak period

Economy 7 start
Economy 7 stop:


Ah sorry, It’s only possible to set the time of off-peak for a particular 24hr period e.g. Economy 7 start is the start time off off-peak and economy 7 end it the end time of off-peak:

It’s not possible yet to set particular days as off-peak.

Just to clarify the start and end time hour format. If entering “7” for 7am, what would you need to enter for 7pm “-5” ie -5 hours from 12am (0)?

The hours are all in 24 hour format. 7pm = “19”


I’m trying to use “Time of use” app with the following config:

Time of use
app “timeofuse”
unitcost_day “0.228588”
unitcost_night “0.12654”
currency “BGN”
economy7_start “22.0”
economy7_end “6.0”

As you can see off-peak time is 22:00 till 06:00 in the morning and the time range is crossing midnight.

The moment I put economy7_start to 22, it begins to show errors:

EmonCMS Error

Message: TypeError: bargraph_series[1].data[z] is undefined
URL: http://emonpi.domainlocal/emoncms/app/view?name=Time%20of%20use&readkey=e16675eb55365a98d85abaa25e42c019
Line: 496
Column: 17

When economy7_start set to 0,1,2,3,4,5, then it is ok.
I think this app is not designed for off peak time ranges crossing over the midnight. Is that right, or there is a bug?


I tried negative number for economy7_start: -2 , supposing it will represent 22 (24-2)
Time of use
app “timeofuse”
economy7_start “-2”
economy7_end “6”
unitcost_day “0.228588”
currency “BGN”
unitcost_night “0.12654”

Now app is opening without errors, but I’m not quite sure it will really work as expected that way


You could also try the “Time of Use - flexible” app…
It definitely handles a cost tier crossing over midnight.

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yes, "Time of Use - flexible” seems better fits in that use case, by creating 3 tiers, one for daily tariff - 06-22 and two for night tariff - 22-24 and 00-06

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Any new in this question? In Portugal we have different periods in Saturday and Sunday so even the “Time of use - flexible” which has a option to set a weekend period isn’t enough…

Not sure if i’m completely missing something here but I’m Economy 7 which starts at 12am and finishes at 7 am.

what do I need to input to get this working correctly?

The settings you have set look correct for 12am - 7am E7

Is there any way to include the solar production in the “Time of Use - flexible” app?


Only if you modify the app…
If I ever put solar on myself I may be inclined to update it, but otherwise I don’t really have time to make any more changes to it.

Ok @Greebo , I’ll try to do it myself.

Thanks for all the work you have done!

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I only just realised this app existed, it’s very useful especially as the Octopus app doesn’t provide this information.

One thing to note is that (it seems) times need to be entered in as UTC, everything was 1 hour out when I entered the correct times. This was the case with my locally hosted EmonCMS anyway.