V high locked to v min

i have a small issue with the new style controller the v max is locked to v min
i have replaced my older style 4.2 controller without buttons for the new one c8f1403
v4.4 modules working fine on the old style controller

what do you think is the problem?

Well thats a new one! Not sure what’s causing that - those values are only calculated/stored in the controller, so the modules have no effect.

Does the problem still exist after rebooting the controller?

yes it still exist
have rebooted the controller a few times after settings restored from sd card

today i have updated the old controller with the new firmware. i set the parameters in the controller manually without config file.
now it has the same problem v high locked to v min

Ok, that should be fixed now, you will need to update the controller code.

[vMax not updating correctly · Issue #132 · stuartpittaway/diyBMSv4ESP32 · GitHub]

working now, thanks