Utilising smart meter gas data (Solved after engaging Brain)


I am in a position to read gas meter data from a SMETS2 meter in almost real time using a pre release 3rd party HAN interface. Access is MQTT that publishes every 5 seconds or so.
I read in NodeRed and push to emoncms.

I say near real time as the gas data is only changes at 1/2 hour intervals presumably because of battery life.

The data is in cubic metres and is the meter reading just increasing in time.
What would be the best way to process the input? I would like to achieve data to use in a bar graph showing half hourly, daily, weekly totals etc . The data should also be converted to kWh as that is the charge unit.

I can work out most of what I need but am stumped on which feed process to use to obtain current consumption in a form emoncms can use.

As an aside I can also access electricity in usage in watts every few seconds and that correlates almost perfectly with the emontx ct derived data.



Do you want to convert Units to kWh? The conversion equation will be on your bill. Note the coefficient changes!

Hi Brian

Conversion to kWh was my first process. Once I did that it all fell into place and I was able to produce the bar graphs I wanted.

I had a mental block to start with forgetting kWh is kWh regardless of the source energy!

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