Using the "Time of use - flexible" app - how to configure start/end times to 0:30 - 04:30

How is one supposed to configure the star/end times of tariff periods to be at 0:30 to 04:30?
All the examples given use whole hours.


I looked at the source code and it becomes clear. “Time of use - Flexible” is unfortunately very inflexible!

Tariffs are stored as an 24-entry array, one per hour. There is no way in which tariffs can change on the half-hour without a large rewrite of the whole thing. That’s a bit of bummer, given the prevalence of the Octopus Go tariff amongst EV owners and battery storage users.

Is there any chance of anyone putting some time into this to fix it? Simplest solution would be to change the arrays to be 48 entries long, and half-hour slots.

My view is that Emoncms should largely be a tool for gathering and analysing data. I appreciate some Apps have been created to control things, but I think this is a mistake and a distraction to the core functionality.

There are plenty of tools out there for automating things - My goto is Home Assistant for that.

Eh? I don’t get your point. The emoncms “Time of use - Flexible” app is entirely about data analysis, and nothing about automation.

Oh I thought it triggered relays and the like.