Using the EmonTx v3 with the ESP8266 Huzzah WIFI module

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(Paul Raymond) #49

I was using the read only key, when I should have been using the read/write key for the API.

(Maurizio) #50

Hi guys,
I’m trying to implement the EmonTX v3 + ESP8266 solution using a nodemcu (like this ) but something is not working as excepted. The serial output of the emontx is correct via serial output (if I use a PC). The nodemcu MQTT is posting as expected. The problem is putting them together. When I connect the emontx to the nodemcu nothing happens, I mean no data comes from emontx to the nodemcu. if I open the EmonESP web page, the section 4. Latest data is empty and consequently no data is posted via MQTT.
Do you have any suggestion? Is the nodemcu not appropriate for some reason that I don’t know?

Thank you in advance.

(Paul) #51

Taking what you have said at face value and the fact you suspect the interaction between the 2, I would recommend rechecking the Rx and Tx lines as the emonTx isn’t labelled as you might expect.

(Maurizio) #52

Hi Paul,
thank you for the suggestion! Now works properly. So, if someone will have the same issue, the solution is to connect the RX pin of the emontx with the RX pin of the nodemcu (or whatever). Le me say that this is not so intuitive! :slight_smile:

(Robert Wall) #53

Agreed. It’s normal, established convention to swap over and connect Rx-Tx and Tx-Rx in the cable between the two devices. In the case of the emonTx, the swap is done inside the emonTx, so when you’re connecting anything else to the emonTx, you do not swap the connections over.

(Tomasz Napierała) #54

Hi guys, great job with ESP8266 sending data from EmonTX. I have one questions though: I’m also using NodeMCU or Wemos D1 mini. Which PIN should I use for RTS connection? I checked Huzzah specs and this particular pin is not marked.

(Jeremy Poulter) #55

No need to connect the RTS line currently.

(Tomasz Napierała) #56

Thanks. All worked like a charm. Really great job, this is making Emon much more affordable.

(George (aka Costas the coder)) #57

IMHO, essential if OEM is to make it into the mainstream.

(Egon Herrmann) #58

Hi there. I just want to thank the developers for adding support for the ESP8266 to the project.

I would also like to confirm that it is possible to use the EmonTX Shield and an Arduino in the same way. I successfully used a Wemos D1 mini (in stead of a Huzzah) powered directly from my Arduino UNO’s onboard regulator, posting 2 CT measurements and a temperature reading to emoncms.og without hick-ups so far.

Has anybody done any power consumption measurements on the ESP when using it in this way? I’m curious about what the smallest power supply I can get away with. I’m currently using a 9V 1A psu though the Arduino’s regulator. Will I take a risk by using a 5V 700mA psu connected directly to the Aruino’s 5V rail in stead?

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Using RobotDyn Uno + ESP board with EmonESP
(chris_cronin) #60

I can’t see what sketch to upload to the ESP8266 module, please help

(ian) #61

All the details towards the bottom of this page.

I recommend platform.lO

I got in a terrible mess until I switched from Arduino IDE.


(Bert Tammer) #62

Problem with configuring emonESP with the local emoncms host: says Please enter emoncms server and node.

Replaced post to Hardware::emonESP.