Using sct-013-000 for 10/20/50 and 100Amp loads

Hi all

Dumb question. so just came across : OpenEnergyMonitor Current Sensor Calculator

From this it seems i can use a sct-013-000 thats 0-50mA output, which is designed to be able to read 0-100Amps to accurate read 0-10, 0-20, -50 or 0-100 Amps, by adding different burn resisters to it… which makes it accurate and also then changes the output to a Voltage based output ??? please confirm.

Allowing me to feed the input into a RaspIO ADC board?

Also looking at RPICT4V3 Version 3 -

they only want current input. how would a 0-100Amp meter perform/report on a 0-10 circuit ?



Do you mean burden resistor?
Ohm’s Law says in effect that a metallic resistor will develop a voltage across it that is proportional to the current flowing, so in that sense, it does exactly what you want. A c.t. manufactured as a ‘voltage output’ one simply has the burden inside the casing. A proper current transformer uses an external burden that you supply. Before electronic instruments became commonplace, the burden would normally be an ammeter, a wattmeter or an kWh meter.

awesome, thanks, just learned something.