Using OEM for factory > 1000 kW current consumption


I’m working at factory, where we have a problem with monitoring current energy consumption. I’ve found this project and this seems suitable solution for our problem. I have questions to more experienced users about possibilities, so I can find out if hardware software can be adopted to bigger scale.

I would like to base all calcualtions on pulse meter that will count pulses on energy consumption meter.

First question - If I can decide in software that one pulse is i.e 10 kW instead of 100W so all the data will be shown correctly on my feed?

Second - Can I create a feed energy consumed every 15 minutes so It will show 4 outputs every hour.

Can I create feed that will show consumption on last 15 minutes?

Hope you will understand that I’m complete rookie in this subject

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Hi Michal

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Yes you should be able to count the pulse, you just need to make the calculation based on number of flashes per KW

you can have a realtime graph showing on a dashboard


You can also create bar graphs


Just to be clear, pulse outputs on consumption meters indicate energy, not power. Each flash on a domestic meter typically represents 1 kWh though they do vary so there are facilities to set it to whatever you want.

So the rate of arrival of the pulses depends on the power. You can convert power to energy readings and vice-versa in OEM.

OEM is Open Energy Monitor - the organisation. You must mean emonCMS, which is the storage and display software.