Using Octopus Agile app with non-standard tariffs

I’ve just moved from Agile to Flux and was looking at changing the current Octopus Agile app, or copying it, to get the same graphing/costing output.

I started making changes to add in the import/export costs in the config but is it easier to just add new feeds for Flux/Go/Cosy etc. that output the data in the same format as the Agile feeds? Granted the feeds would be mostly the same day-in-day out but could they be spoofed or something?

I know the app has the option to add Go rates and times, but Flux has three import rates and three export rates, and Cosy has four time slots.

Opinions welcome before I get bogged down in config options!

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If anyone’s interested I’ve pushed a first draft that uses fixed values, it does what I want it to do for now.