Using NodeRed to input temp data from Open Weather Map to Emoncms

I am using emoncms to help me manage my mum’s heating (she lives in Lincolnshire, I live in Glasgow).

Online version of emoncms, no local hosting or monitoring at the moment.

She has an air source heat pump, solar PV and is on Octopus Agile. At the moment I am just stopping the heat pump from running 3pm-8pm, but I would like to incorporate temp forecasts to help with the preheating.

I am trying to amend the methodology described here to work with Open Weather Map, using the Node Red modules described here and here

However the end result won’t deploy, which isn’t really surprising as I hardly have a clue what I am doing…

If anyone thinks it might be of wider interest to have an entry level method for getting this up and running, I am happy to do a write up if someone is up for a bit of hand holding.

Steps I have taken so far to try to implement the flow posted by Glyn in the first link:
Added the Emoncms node:
Added the Open Weather Map node:
Imported Glyn’s flow
To the emoncms node: Added my read/write API key, server URL, data type legacy processing
Deleted the WUnderground node
Inserted the OWM node
To the OWM node: Added my OWM API key, my location
Left MQTT server as

Click on Deploy and nothing happens… click on the inject node and ‘node has undeployed changes’ warning comes up.

I have deleted the flow and can make other flows deploy so I think it is something specific to my corruption of Glyn’s flow.

I am sure the issue is painfully obvious but it has me stuck like a sticky stick in mud.