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Using My Solar Battery app with PHPTIMESERIES

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Hoping someone can provide some advice on this…

I have recently upgraged my emonpi by installing the (at the time) latest emonSD-24Jul20.img and importing a configuration from my old 9.7.8.

I was previously monitoring my circuits and PV generation, and have just added inputs from my Battery system using the mqtt service on my Victron CCGX.

I have used PHPFINA for most inputs, but it seemed that the battery SOC (reported as a 2 decimal digit percentage) was an ideal candidate for a PHPTIMESERIES, as the battery charge has only 100 possible values, changes slowly and is static for a large part of the day (ie from discharge till dawn). In winter it can go days without change. All the other values such as charge power are updated at 10s intervals, but the SOC is updated only on change.

The PHPTIMESERIES seems to work fairly well, and is much more economical in storage than PHPFINA (2K vs 103K for the charge in Watts), but I have encountered one significant issue. The battery_soc feed select in the “My Solar Battery” app does not seem to be able to see my SOC feed. The drop down list does, however, show all the other PHPFINA feeds. Is this a known problem, or am I making a mistake somewhere.

One other small issue with the graphing PHPTIMESERIES feeds - as updates only occur on change, I would have expected that a PHPTIMESERIES item would be displayed as a horizontal line between updates. Ie would be assumed constant unless an update is received. But if my battery stops discharging, and then hours later when the sun comes out it jumps up by a few percent, the graph shows it as having slowly charged for the entire period - ie it just joins the dots. Is there a way to fix this?