Using latest stable emonSD (emonSD-21Jul21) on Raspberry Pi 2 Model B

Hey there! Long time user of Oem, first time poster.

I have a old Raspberry Pi 2 B that is has been running (essentially) EmonBase + EmonCMS since about February 2015 using the vlow-write-8.5 branch of EmonCMS. As this is ancient now, I’d like to upgrade to the latest and greatest software, and the easiest way seems to be starting from the latest SD flash image (emonSD-21Jul21). However, the notes say nothing about being compatible or tested with the Pi 2 Model B.

I did go back a few releases, and there looked to be a way to make a minor image change to older images – which also claimed to only work on Pi 3 or greater – to make them Pi 2 compatible. Specifically: removing these lines from /boot/config.txt:


However, this little note dropped off of releases starting with emonSD-24Jul20. Was this just an oversight in the release notes, or was there a good reason not to use older hardware?

(I’m happy to spend the cash on a newer Pi, but of course would love to not take a serviceable bit of equipment out of use unless completely necessary.)


Welcome to the OEM forum, Scott.

Me too, and the latest runs fine, if a little slowly when it’s got a long (timewise) graph to render.

It now uses the defaults, there’s no need to change anything.

Me three, currently running master branch too!

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