Using esphome with the WiFi Relay / Thermostat

I have had a lot of success using for various sensors around my house, I was wondering if anyone had tried to use it with the OEM relay?

Also I was wondering if there was any reason why I shouldn’t try this, or if anyone expects me to be unable to flash the stock firmware back on the device afterwards?


Just wanted to say that I was able to flash esphome to the device (it was pretty easy to figure out the pins), and am now very happy using esphome on it.

I have setup the esphome config so that it uses the temperature from home assistant unless hass disconnects from the device, you can see my config here: esphome configuration for my Open Energy Monitor thermostat · GitHub


That is really useful to share - @TrystanLea


Thank you for sharing @Cadair that’s good to hear.