Using emontx-3phase with Arduino Uno

Hello everyone,

I want to modify and use the emontx-3phase sketch file to calculate the electricity bill. i am using the below items:

  1. arduino Uno R3
  2. 16*2 LCD with I2C board
  3. three SCT-013-000 current sensors ( with its interface circuitry to arduino)
  4. one ZMPT101B voltage sensor (direct connection to arduino, no need for interface circuit)

i was successful in making the electricity bill calculation in single phase project using the emonLib for the single voltage and single CT with minor changes in the sketch, but i am stuck with 3phase.

the emontx-3phase from GitHub has three files, config.ino, rfm.ino and src.ino. i deleted the rfm and config tabs from the sketch because i don’t use RF module but i still need to remove related lines in the src sketch in order to work with the items am using.

i really appreciate if you can help me to modify the sketch file to accommodate my project needs.

Thanks in advance

Have you read the User Guide? By setting the correct options in the sketch, you will automatically disable the RFM69 and enable serial output. There is no need to delete files - and you will only make it harder for yourself to calibrate the sketch.