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Using emonPi / emonPi WiFi on Channel 13

This is a Raspberry Pi issue, you will need to change WiFi county settings and then update to the latest RasPi firmware

1. Change WiFi country

$ rpi-rw
$ sudo raspi-config

Internationalisation Options > WiFI Country > GB


2. Update RasPi Firmware

Before updating check the version:

$ uname -a
Linux emonpi 4.4.26-v7+ #915 SMP Thu Oct 20 17:08:44 BST 2016 armv7l GNU/Linux

You need at least `4.4.3``for this to work, lets update:

$ rpi-rw
$ sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade -y
$ sudo reboot

Note: You may run into this (hopefully short term issue with Oracle server currently being down:

Check you have the latest FW by running

$ uname -a

I get:

Linux emonpi 4.9.35-v7+ #1014 SMP Fri Jun 30 14:47:43 BST 2017 armv7l GNU/Linux

You need at least 4.3.x for this to work

Check your Pi wifi will work on channel 13 by running:

$ sudo iwlist wlan0 channel

sudo iwlist wlan0 channe
wlan0     13 channels in total; available frequencies :
          Channel 01 : 2.412 GHz
          Channel 02 : 2.417 GHz
          Channel 03 : 2.422 GHz
          Channel 04 : 2.427 GHz
          Channel 05 : 2.432 GHz
          Channel 06 : 2.437 GHz
          Channel 07 : 2.442 GHz
          Channel 08 : 2.447 GHz
          Channel 09 : 2.452 GHz
          Channel 10 : 2.457 GHz
          Channel 11 : 2.462 GHz
          Channel 12 : 2.467 GHz
          Channel 13 : 2.472 GHz
          Current Frequency:2.457 GHz (Channel 10)


Note: using the dev FW as described in this post below is not requires since current raspi master FW is now 4.9.35

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Hello Glyn,

Thanks a lot for getting back to me, your fix worked a treat and I can now
access the emonPi via my wifi network that happens to run on channel 13 as
it’s the least congested channel around here.

Now I just need to get the kit installed. :slight_smile:

Thanks for getting back to me!


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Hi Again,

I had to redo the above again after I moved the emonPI and thus had to power it off completely, was that supposed to happen?

My factory built one seems to be having this issue so I guess it is not set for Europe.

I will force my XR500 off Chn 13 and see if I can make the required changes…

I was a little surprised to see the upgrade took I guess three hours so no getting impatient and interfering with it, long stops at several stages I guess are normal.

I put my router back in to auto wifi and it picked channel 8 this time :slight_smile:

Forced it to chn 13 and that now works okay and now put it back in auto.