Using Emoncms Data to Compare Time of Use Tariff v's Standard Tariffs

I am wondering if there is some way to Compare the Data in Emoncms to see what the cost differences would be if we switched to a Time of Use Tariff (Tariff 93 in Tasmania) compared to a Standard Tariff 31.

Currently, I’m using the data from my Fronius Symo Inverter to record power generated and power consumed.

What I’m trying to define when we use the most amount of power and thought I should have 2 years of data to analyse.

I wrote a “cost comparison” app for the system a long time ago, you would have to put in your rates, but it uses the “real” data from OEM to calculate the comparisions

You can also try the “Time Of Use - Flexible” app if the one stuart wrote doesn’t suit.

Enter in your rates/times and you can then see how much it would have cost you if you had been on the new TOU plan. It doesn’t handle solar feed in though, so you’d need to do that calculation separately, and you need an EmonCMS feed that includes only your Imported energy to correctly calculate costs.
I have two feeds in my EmonCMS in addition to an “ImportkWh” feed (which goes negative when I’m exporting), called “ImportOnlykWh” and “ExportOnlykWh”, which reflect the absolute value of the positive and negative values of ImportkWh respectively. I can then use the ImportOnlykWh to calculate costs based on TOU (using the app above), and then use the ExportOnlykWh value to calculate feed-in manually.
I’m still working on a new “more flexible” app that will handle solar feed in as well, but can offer no promises on when that might be finished.