Using continuous monitoring

I’m interested in the continuous monitoring library by @Robert.Wall mentioned by @TrystanLea in the Fully Charged topic. But the topic he referred to - EmonLibCM - Version 2.2.1 (Released 30/10/2021) - isn’t explicit/basic enough to understand what I would need to do. Is there a guide somewhere for somebody who doesn’t know one end of an Arduino from another?

For example: “The directory emonLibCM together with its contents should be extracted from the zip file and copied into the “libraries” directory”

What is the ‘libraries’ directory? On what machine, within which software package?

How do I go from downloading the zip file to having a running system on my emonTx? How many ways are there for me to f**k it up and how do I recover from each of them?

Agreed. I’m also trying to install the continuous monitoring sketch on some of my EmonTx V3’s but not familiar enough with the arduino IDE and it’s prerequisites when installing a sketch. I gave it a try and received quite a few build errors, none of them I could decipher to determine a cause.

Would appreciate guidance too.

I will update on this soon, we have an example sketch that uses @Robert.Wall’s library that’s been in testing but due to other development items taking over in recent months has not yet made it to the release point. I will try my best to revisit this soon.

Hi @TrystanLea, does that mean something has changed since the initial release thread, to effectively render the continuous monitoring firmware inoperable?
I was under the impression that it was working?

Hello @djh @Nicholas_Herbst, the continuous monitoring firmware example for the EmonTxV3 is now available on github, see forum post here: EmonTxV3 Continuous Monitoring Firmware (v1.0-beta)