Using a Voltage-Output CT (with an internal burden resistor)

Hello all!

I would like to use the YHDC (SCT013-015) current sensor with the emonTX actual design. My home consumption is quite small (3,3kW máximum the hole house) and this is why I want to use this sensor, I will have more resolution, no? :relieved:. I note that this sensor has a voltage output instead a current one like the SCT013-000 (100A). ¿I have to make a hardware modification in order to use those sensors?

Thank you! I like very much this project and Forum!!


Yes, you will have more resolution.

Yes, you must remove the burden resistors on your emonTx PCB. Those are the large SMT 22 Ω resistor immediately behind the jack socket, and there is a hole for a wire-ended resistor at each end. Your current calibration constant in the sketch will be 15.

Thank you Robert!