Using a DS18B20 with an emonPi

Have been searching for info about this. Have any changes been made to access SSH from Emonhub? Am wishing to use DS18B20 temperature sensors which appear to need a small amount of code inserted using SSH. Removing the pre-loaded Sd card would be a complete pain due to where the Pi is mounted (along with a packom hat for mbus connection) in an enclosure near the top of a wall. All very new to this so feeling my way in.

Hi @Peter_Randall, welcome to the community!

You can use up to 6 DS18B20 sensors connected via the RJ45 socket, as per the link below. (I use 6)

No code changes are required for up to 6, just a reboot.

Be careful to use the correct RJ45 socket as there is one on either end. One is for networking, the other for sensors.