Usefulscripts backup or the backup Module?

Is there any inherent difference between the backup script found in the usefulscrips repository, and the backup Module?

I have tried to install the backup module (admittedly directly into the Modules folder rather than linking) but the menu entry does not appear.

I have checked in a private window and rebooted. File permissions seem fine, no errors in log.

Any suggestions?

The backup module needs to be outside the “www” pathe for security reasons and only the backup/backup folder should be linked into the Modules folder, so (for example) the path to backup_view.php should be emoncms/Modules/backup/backup_view.php not emoncms/Modules/backup/backup/backup_view.php.

I use the usefulscripts because I’m used to that and feel I have more control.

Have you tried the emoncms/sync module? Just to muddy the waters a bit with another option :smile:

Are you trying to do an incremental backup, maintain a sync’d copy or migrate across setups?

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I’d like to do regular backups. I’m not bothering to migrate data, I don’t have that much interest in it.

That would sound like a task for the backup module, which I’ve never tried. @Paul did some work on this topic using rsync (if I recall correctly) but I don’t know if that is still active.

I’ve tended to use my own backup scripts to backup data automatically to Dropbox - which is pretty much fit & forget, and my backups are safely stored off-site in Dropbox.