Use today not showing in emoncms but fine on android


Android app pointing at pi and working “use today” working fine.

Strangely not working (zero) in the default my home dashboard. I’ve got the same feeds selected so confused.

Any ideas anyone?

As a potential clue - on android there is a setting for watt hrs or kw hrs. I have selected kWh. If I select the other one it matches the app ( “my electric”). In showing nothing for use today and blank bargraph.

Confused …

  1. Is it possible to change this on the default app (i.e. via main website)
  2. Why is the other option blank? Surely it’s just a multiplier?

Ok, now both showing zero. Presumably cached before.
I did flush the redis cache while trying to work out how to do something useful with schedule and pulse (no luck)
Would flushing redis cache trigger having to wait another 24 hrs?

answering my own question - yes and working now